Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deciphering the Enigma of Your Slumber's Multiverse

We've all had those types of dreams. Whether funny, creepy or just plain bizarre, they're the dreams we can't seem to shake, at least until we get an answer to "What did that mean??"

On FOX News' "While You Were Sleeping" segment, Dr. Carol Ash took on that very question and offered insight into the body's slumber responses and how to go about "decoding the mysteries of your mind and unlocking the meaning from your dreams."

"You have to remember that the brain is taking in all the old information and new information and processing it in new patterns to help you come up with solutions to the problems of the day," Ash says. "Dreaming allows you to work through all those negative emotions and solve them in a safe environment, your bedroom."

Watch the full segment below to hear Dr. Ash's interpretation of dream scenarios such as losing control of a vehicle, being chased, being lost and having your teeth fall out (which is more common than you think.)

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