Thursday, December 11, 2014

For Tom Brady, the perfect 'night out' is a night in

When a Super Bowl MVP and star NFL quarterback has a night to himself, you might imagine him spending it out on the town, partying till dawn, and indulging in a few of the all star "perks" of being a celebrity baller.

(Photo by Stephan Savoia/Associated Press)
“I’m not doing anything like that. That time has come and gone in my life. I did a lot of charger work last night - sleeping," said Patriots QB Tom Brady during an interview on WEEI's "Dennis and Callahan Show."

"This is my first time away from my kids in a while, so I finally get some decent sleep," he added.

While teammates Rob Gronkowski, Jonas Gray, and Shane Vereen were attending a recent Clippers game, Brady had no qualms admitting his ideal "night out" is often a night in - catching up on some much needed sleep, according to Jordi Lippe of Yahoo Health.

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