Friday, May 19, 2017

Fighting Fatigue

We all have them now and then, those days when it seems like we’re dragging a tractor behind us - from the moment we step out the door.

While healthy lifestyle choices such as daily exercise and proper nutrition are still the most effective tools for combating daytime fatigue, finding yourself continually tired through the day could also be a compelling case for sleep apnea – a potentially life-threatening disorder characterized by interrupted breathing patterns during sleep.

Sam Bebawy, M.D., Bayshore Community Hospital, who specializes in pulmonary disease and sleep medicine, recommends that anyone struggling with daytime sleepiness, excessive snoring and/or unexplained tiredness talk to their doctor about scheduling a sleep study. This non-invasive, overnight exam utilizes electrodes to monitor key elements of sleep impacted by sleep apnea, including sleep stages, breathing rate, snoring and sleep disturbances.

 “Sleep apnea that is not treated can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, especially heart attack and stroke,” Dr. Bebawy says. “Not only are you making the patient feel good by treating it, you are preventing a serious condition from setting in or getting worse.”

Read more about sleep apnea, Dr. Bebawy, and one patient's sleep study experience in the May/June edition of Hackensack Meridian HealthViews.

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